Magdalena Ryszkowska, lovas, lovasoktató
Magdalena Ryszkowska, lovasoktató


Hi there!

My name is Ryszkowska Magdalena. I am from Poland, but currently I live in Hungary, Hévíz. If you need any help with your horses, such as preparing young horses for competition or for sale, dressage or showjumping training, you are at the right place.

I am 31 years old and I have been riding for 13 years. During this time I was riding instructor running lessons for children and adults as well as a rider. I have experience in working with young horses (breaking, schooling up to M dressage lvl and jumping 110 cm. I have been working in Poland, Denmark, Japan and in Hungary as a rider and instructor.


In my work with horses, I like to use a little bit of natural methods and positive reinforcement to get good effects and a happy, relaxed horse. Earlier I worked in Sümeg, for the Castle Captain, and after as a beriter for Hungarian showjumping champions such as Tamas Mraz and András Kövi. I give horses training and also riding lessons on private horses. I am mobile, so I can also drive to your stable to do the work. I can break horses, prepare for competition, for sale and so on. I am not so large so ponys are welcome as well.

Magdalena Ryszkowska
Tel.: +36 30 394 2384, +36 30 556 5391

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